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In collaboration, Emma and Henry co-created this short film where characters, Hazel and Violet, attend an undercover training camp for sensitive children of FBI agents. The girls are forced to live and work alongside one another, with Hazel's younger sister Sadie as an intermediary.

I just want it all to make sense

Cheers to those things that just NEVER make sense.

Like why you spilled coffee on your brand new white shoes,

why another driver on the road was in too much of a rush to shoulder check,

 why your doctor gave you someone else's test results,

why math doesn't qualify as a foreign language elective course,

or  why we've learned that being emotional is "too much" for this world.

Out of My Mind

A song to play when you feel like you're going insane.

Maybe you're in a cafe.

Maybe you're in an alleyway.

I don't know about you,

but we've been there.

Come & Go

Have you ever felt helpless to your best friend’s suffering?

Or as if you’re helpless to your own?

We come and go from many aspects of our lives, especially when we’re not fully present. 

I'll leave you with that.

This is for you.

You can always look Back

EmmaJane explores the concept of learning to connect with your inner child when you feel like you have nowhere to escape to. Sink or Swim dives into deep material, carried by a bouncy track; Butterfly’s Wings is charged with broken harmonies fused with childhood memories. ​


Rose is about suddenly confronting a different side of someone that you thought you knew. All of the trust that you left in them suddenly disintegrates. 

I thought of a rose because of how elegant they are and how quickly they can die, along with how they also have thorns that we tend to ignore until we're pricked. I wanted to create this atmosphere of disillusion and your heart just dropping in slow motion. 

High Road

High Road is about finding a new way to look at life and acknowledging the journey that has led you where you are now. Even though there is always a new struggle that comes with every path, know that you can make the choice to keep looking forward.

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